We Are User Friendly Computers

We repurpose, sell, upgrade and repair personal computers.

Quality used computers at fabulous prices.
Upgrades at reasonable rates.

We are a licensed and registered home-based business with over 40 years of experience working on and with IBM-compatible and Windows personal computers. I was an IT department manager at UF for 26 years until I retired; I love what I do with a passion.

When we sell a computer, we offer to spend up to a half an hour showing you how to use the security and system utilities we include on every system at no charge. For all other services, the training is offered for $30 extra. These utilities are free, highly rated and are tested to be non-malware; we don't just repair or sell you a computer, we are "User Friendly Computers!" - View Testimonials

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Computer Services Include

  • Repurposed Computers Sales
  • Hardware Repairs and Upgrades
  • Software Installation
  • Operating System Upgrades (Windows XP to Windows 7, 8, 10 32 or 64-bit)
  • Network Setup and Diagnosis
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Malware Removal

How Repairs Work

If you bring your misbehaving computer(s) in, I charge 0 - $10 (per computer) for evaluating your problems depending on the severity of your issues:

  • If your computer turns-on, and anything at all comes-up on your screen, there is no charge for an evaluation (other than fixed disk crash).
  • If your computer is "dead," or if your fixed disk has either crashed or is otherwise inaccessible, then I charge $10 for an evaluation, simple as that.
  • Prearranged on-site visits are available under unusual circumstances.


Ives Brant, former Editor in Chief, Oracle Alliances Magazine, former Editor-in-Chief, Tornado Insider. Owner, Editor-on-Call

There are computer/hard drive diagnostic and repair services, and then there is Mark. Most "fix your PC" services, including those at major chains, have a cookie-cutter, basic approach performed by technicians who often know just a few tools. Hidden away in Gainesville, FL is Mark's User-Friendly Computers, and he is more like the Mayo Clinic of computing, with a deep perspective on IT and operating systems that allows him to accurately grasp any problem and attack it in a variety of ways, until the right outcome is achieved. He can work remotely, and if you have a mess on your hands, he is the resource to call. Ives Brant, former Editor in Chief, Oracle Alliances Magazine, former Editor-in-Chief, Tornado Insider. Owner, Editor-on-Call

Jackie Edwards

My sister and I took her laptop to Mark today. He was/is AMAZING! He knows what he is doing, does it well, and instructs on what happened and how to get the most out of your computer. I am highly impressed by his knowledge, skill and friendly, down-to-earth manner. AND...he sells both laptops and desktops that you won't find in stores, at prices that will surprise you!

If you need computer repair or a new computer, don't hesitate to call Mark. I don't write reviews, positive or negative, unless I feel strongly about it. I won't use anyone else ever again!

John Jackson

I took my computer and my mother's computer to Mark to get some work done. Not only was the work exactly what I was hoping for it was about $30 cheaper than other people and stores in the area. My computer is now running better than it did the first day I bought it! My mother's computer was handled with the same level of professionalism as mine. If you need any computer support, do not hesitate to contact mark at User Friendly Computers in Gainesville, FL. Thanks mark!

Butch Wise

I didn't think I would ever find the specific computer I needed for our engraving business until I came across Mark's Craigslist posts. Due to our specific software and hardware needs, any old "off the shelf" computer will not control our lasers, routers and CNCs. Mark has been patient, very accommodating and possesses the knowledge and skills of many years in the IT field. He had exactly the machine and hardware we needed. We highly recommend Mark and User Friendly Computers and will use him again ourselves in the near future. Very professional service.

Butch Wise
All Florida Engraving, LLC

Hasz Studios LLC - Scott

Highly recommended. I have already come to Mark a couple of times specifically to help me setup custom computer solutions to fit very specific applications I wanted to run. From his credentials and experience as an IT department manager, I was confident that he could handle the task. Mark worked efficiently to setup my systems, and then when I came to pick them up, he walked me through the settings and educated me on operation and fully answered important questions I had. Mark is a solutions-based individual who possesses strong customer service skills and is a pleasure to work with. He can configure or repair a system for you and provide expert advice at an exceptional value. His range of experience means he can accomplish tasks that others likely would not be able to handle successfully, including complex hardware and software compatibility issues.

Dwain Hendrix

Mark is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and is able to explain things in a way anyone can understand. He is not in it for only the money after you talk to him you will understand he truly loves want he is doing and wants to help and teach those of us whom are technically challenged. I have referred him to several of my friends without hesitation. Before you buy or have repairs done from anywhere else I would recommend talking to Mark.

KT McCann

Windows 10 deployed spontaneously on my old Dell PC & killed it (blue screen of death). Neither Dell nor Microsoft were able to help in any way. I took the PC to Mark to see if there was anything to be done. He fixed it in an hour. Beyond that, he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Don't hesitate top call him with any computer problem. He's the greatest.

Deborah Maas Brix

We went to Mark with a brand new computer that was running very slow...We left with our OLD computer upgraded, speeded up & faster than the new one, which we have boxed up & returned. So glad to have found User Friendly Computers!

Brenda Brown

Mark is fantastic. He is very knowledgable and makes sure you leave with the information you need to keep your new computer working properly. Prices are really good also. Great communications and service. Thanks Mark

Rhonda Rogers-Bardsley

Mark is a genius! He has sold me a desktop and 2 laptops. I recently took the four year old desktop to him for service. He completely cleaned the system and now it is running super fast. He also took time to show me around the inner-workings of the system. I am thrilled to have a smart, friendly, totally honest person to help me with my computer needs. I have referred several friends to UF Computers and they have been equally impressed. I just can't say enough good things about Mark and his company!

Leif M Woolley

The best of the best computer brain in the busness I am glad that I found him and he has been on my team since, I will recommend Mark to all my friends that need computer work, no matter how big or how small Mark can fix em all!!!!

Dave Bross

It was time for a faster computer.
I wanted a good used one.
Which was a problem.

I've talked to most of the computer repair and sales people in this area.
All I found was arrogance, rudeness, bad attitude or my instincts SCREAMING that this is NOT someone to entrust a machine with private info and passwords.

I'm fortunate to have many years of experience in another field of repair.
I know only too well the attitudes that indicate incompetence and poor work.

That's why Mark is a breath of fresh air.

I learned a lot just from reading his ads.
His answers to my questions were quick, polite and EXTREMELY detailed. Yay!
He doesn't push you to buy something more expensive.
He just lays out the facts and why you might want to do certain things a certain way to get the results you want.
No pressure.

That would have been enough right there.
I decided to buy a computer from him and set up a time to come get it.
We were pushing it pretty close time-wise but he figured he could get it configured by the time I got there.

When I arrived the hard drive wasn't cooperating with him.
Things like that are not uncommon in any sort of repair.
Want something you're repairing to go really wrong?
Just promise it for a certain time.

So I got to watch him work...
I had seen all his paper credentials and knew he ran an IT dept. at UF for a long time but actually watching someone work is the real test.
This man is the real thing.
On top of that he's just a really nice guy too.
We were both into old sports cars so we had some great conversation as he worked his magic.

It's such a relief to finally find someone I can trust... and the computer I got from him is just awesome.

Diane Tomlinson

Mark was able to upgrade my12 year old computer from Windows XP to 7 on my new Dell. He also showed me around the desktop and new cordless "stuff" and fixed my amplifier for the "fun" of it. Mark is wonderful at computer work. My guru, younger brother, passed away in October, and I just wished they could have worked together. I have known Mark for many years and know "if it's broke, he can fix it!"

Insulation Asap

Upgraded our computer and got it back to us in no time at all. Great job.

Chip Sullivan

Got a good computer, at a great price. Thanks Mark.

Lavonte Patterson

Amazing, very informational and really knows what he's talking about. I most definitely suggest User friendly Computers!

CrisnTommy Burgin

The vast knowledge and experience that Mark with User Friendly is only surpassed by his capabilities to build a superior tailor made product and commitment to stand behind that superior product. He took the guess work out of buying a computer and later when I had questions and needed help, supplied the same great service at a discounted rate in a moments notice, actually sat me down and taught me what I didn't know without once making me feel inferior in the least. I'll be using his company again and again, thanks Mark, for everything. Cris Benge

Sue Heine

Mark is very knowledgeable and professional. Moved me from that now defunct XT to Windows 7 with no issues at all! Hooked me up with WIFI and a great laptop all at a great price. Now I am ready for anything! Thanks Mark!!!

David Sesco

We at Ten Little Engines have been dealing with U F Computers for quite sometime now and have always had great service and very good pricing. Mark is great to deal with and has a vast amount of knowledge in his field.

Sarah Jurgovan

Mark did a wonderful job of helping me with my technology problems. Not only did he help, but he answered all the questions I had along the way. Great to work with!

Renee Herbert

Professional service coupled with extreme knowledge is what makes User Friendly Computers great. I am very happy to have found them. Mark is patient and reliable. I appreciate that. Thanks UFC!

Sena Bergeron

Yes, he's my brother, but he's able to deal with the 'computer illiterate' (me) and help me with everything from upgrades, viruses, and "is it plugged in?" issues....

Rick Cotshott

I was very happy dealing with Mark he was very helpful,smart and professional. I left User Friendly Computers with a great computer and more knowledge than I expected.

Dallas Scott Bannister

Met me half way on a drive to receive one of his computers. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Ron Bauer

My wife and I bought a great used unit from Mark and he went over the entire setup with us
and gave us the programs we needed , to keep it running great.

Thom Curry

Expert staff. Easy to deal with. Excellent prices. What more could you ask for?

Andrew Scott Pentland

Very kind, thorough, informative, and affordable!

Taylor Rains

Cheapest in town for computer services and sales.


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Name: Mark

Phone: 352-339-3219

Email: UFComputers@cox.net

Hours: M, W & F: 10a - 5p; T & Th 8:30a - 5p; Weekends, on-site visits and other times by special appointment.

Location: In-Home Office In Emerald Woods subdivision. Entrance is at NW 69th St off of NW 39th Ave. Please contact me for availability and exact location in Emerald Woods.




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